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Friday, September 19, 2008

In the cradle of knowledge

That's the slogan of the University of the Aegean, while I am currently studying Greek, preparing for my Erasmus year in Athens. The University has several campuses in different Aegean islands. I am staying in the main one, in the beautiful town of Mytilini (the ancient Mytilene). The town is also the capital of Lesvos island (which is the origin of the term 'lesbian', although the real Lesvian girls don't like this very much).

Castle of Mytilini
The sea as seen from the castle of Mytilini (picture takn with my phone)

This is pretty much a perfect holiday. One month in a quiet town of my beloved Greece, without any pressure or stress (although the lessons are kind of harder than I expected). I am staying in a sort of tourist apartment, with an Italian roommate. There are 26 people taking part of the course. Of course we have had time to meet some crazy locals and make wild parties (after 15 days partying in a row I thought it was time to take it a bit easier ;)).

It has been such a radical change after 2 months in Estonia. The people are very different, things work in a very different way and of course... the weather! Today it's a cold day. It means that right now we have 24 ºC, some clouds and a bit of wind. And I am just sitting on the terrace, drinking frappé and staring at the sea and the coast of Turkey (which is really near). Life is easy for students here. You just hitchhike to ge a ride to the University. Food is free in the student cantine (also the room, actually). And the town is lively and friendly.

Castle of Mytilini
Mytilini by night (picture taken by my friend Stella)

There is only one problem: it's such a small place. And I really love big cities in which one can get lost and be anonymous. No problem, in less than 2 weeks I will already be in Athens.

PS: One month and a half without posting anything! Shame on me! As you know, during July and August I was totally focused in my blog in Spanish about Estonia. But here, no excuses. Well, actually one: it is quite hard for me to get Internet access here. I expect the situation to change after moving to Athens. Keep in touch.

PS2: I am afraid of feeling homesick soon... it has been already almost 3 months without seeing my family, and I will probably won't come back to Valladolid until Christmas. But anyway, it's time enough to get my own life, isn't it?

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