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Friday, October 17, 2008

New life, new blog

As I said in the previous post, I decided to start a new blog (in Spanish) about Greece, it is called 'una odisea en Grecia' (an Odissey in Greece). I will write there about my life in Greece. There's not much to tell, actually... nothing really interesting has happened lately besides a small trip to Thessaloniki (the second city of Greece) and the fact that my computer is broken (so I can only use my flatmate's laptop when it's not busy). This means that the posting frequency will be even lower until the laptop is fixed (and in Greece there's no way to know when will it be).

Without computer and Internet there aren't many entertaining things to do at home, that's why we just bought a crappy videogame machine with good ol' classic games such as Super Mario, Tetris, Dragon Ball and a soccer game that it's 15 years old at least, for sure.

Our wonderful new toy

By the way, if you are planning to come to Athens in the next weeks, beware of the random metro strikes... Yes, going on strike is a national sport here :)

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Sunday, October 05, 2008

Already in Athens

That's it. Finally I reached a stable location (at least until April). I got an apartment for Erasmus students with my friend from Valladolid, Alberto. It is located in the district of Kesariani (Καισαριανή), founded as a refugee camp for Greek people expelled from Asia Minor in the 1920s (as many other suburbs in Athens).

The Erasmus life has just started. Partying hard almost every night and taking it easy at the University. In fact, we couldn't met the teacher responsible for our thesis until today, after more than one week. We hadn't had much time to visit downtown Athens. It's OK for me, I have been about 5 or 6 times in Athens before, and I have seen almost everything already. Nevertheless there still are interesting places to see (and that's why I like big cities, there's always something else to see).

Right now my life is in standby. Hopefully next week I will start again the Greek language lessons, and soon I will start working on my Master thesis, as well (what about? let's see... something about radiation and antennas, maybe). In the meanwhile, I need to get used to the huge campus of the NTUA. At least we can eat for free there, and we can take a free bus which leaves us half the way from our apartment to the campus.

Besides the parties, the most interesting thing that I have done in Athens has been attending the MTV Greece Day (click the link for videos). It was the opening party of the MTV channel in Greece, and there was a free concert with Kaiser Chiefs and REM, among others. Yes! Kaiser Chiefs and REM for free. And it was in the Kalimarmaro stadium (also known as Panathinaiko), where the first Olympic games took part. No need to say, it was awesome.

I will try to keep you updated of my adventures in Greece, although most probably I will write a blog in Spanish about them, as I did when I was in Estonia.

Ta leme! (see you).

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