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Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Such a long time without posting here... shame on me! But I just had such a long holiday in my hometown, Valladolid (even if I didn't deserve it :P). Anyway, after a month here, it's time to go back to Greece, and tomorrow I will take a Lufthansa flight from Madrid to Athens, with a stop in Frankfurt (by the way, Lufthansa has good offers for roundtrip tickets bought on advance, and unlike Ryanair, it's a pleasure to travel with them).

I don't know what will be left of the riots that were happening before I came to Spain, I hope that the situation will be calmer. It's just annoying to see everywhere groups of policemen dressed like Robocop. Rather than make you feel safer, they are scary. And of course, I am looking forward to meeting friends again and enjoying Greek weather (after a couple of weeks of freezing temperature and snow).

Besides that, my life is approaching a big turning point. Soon I'll be graduated, and then what? First of all probably holidays, but... afterwards? More studying or working, finally? And in both of cases, what kind of study/work? Who knows... important decisions are always difficult, aren't they?

Best wishes and good luck for the next year and don't forget to pay a visit to this blog from time to time :P

PS: The blog just turned 1 year old a couple of weeks ago, and even though the posting frequency is quite irregular, I'll try hard to keep it alive.


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