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Tuesday, April 07, 2009

New projects, new challenges

During the last weeks I have been quite busy. After some months of 'quasi-holidays' I had to finish my Final Project (or 'Master Thesis', or whatever you want to call it) in Greece. So now I am an expert on 'Noise Inverse Synthetic Aperture Radars'. Or at least, I should be...

Since February I am also cooperating with a new project. The most visited and well-known blog about travelling in Spanish language offered me a position as a freelance editor. This means that most of my 'blogging energy' and spare time goes to Diario del Viajero.

Right now I am writing from Estonia, but I will go back to Athens tomorrow. My apartment is rented also for April so I have to take advantage of it ;). I decided not to stress anymore about my future, let's see what happens when I go back to Spain in May.

By the way, the local newspaper of Valladolid awarded me with the prize to the best information sent to their website (thanks to my blogs about Estonia and Greece). Unfortunately I wasn't there in Spain and I couldn't eat and drink for free in the gala dinner. I sent my family instead, I hope that they enjoyed :)

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