Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Summer in Valladolid

Again, such a long time without writing here, more than two months. What has been going on during all this time? I came back to Valladolid after almost two years abroad, but I didn't stay at home for long.

At the end of May I had the chance to join the European Week in Eindhoven (Netherlands), with a friend from Barcelona and 300 students more. Before the event we made a small tour in Belgium: Antwerp, Ghent and Brussels (with crazy nights in the two latter). While in the Netherlands we could also visit Delft, The Hague and Amsterdam.

I came back to Valladolid but just for a week. Then it was time for my Swedish adventure. After visiting the center of Copenhagen on my own and other crazy night in Lund, I enjoyed 12 memorable days with students and old friends from all around Europe in Gothemburg, participating on a BEST course. High level of awesomeness and great memories (including the weekend spent in the deserted island of Krokholmen).

Then I headed to Stockholm, where I delivered trainings on presentation skills and negotiation and was the referee in a negotiation competition. Again, I had there the chance to meet great people, not only Europeans but also Iranians, Azeris... even from Bangladesh.

The last stop was Tallinn, again my beloved Estonia. I was just chilling there for three weks, enjoying the climate (much better than last summer), swimming, eating šašlõkk, meeting old friends (with some Castle parties and international beer-tastings included) and of course, participating in the Laulupidu, the Estonian national singing festival held every 5 years.

It has been an interesting summer so far, and I have at least two more trips planned: Italy - Slovenia - Croatia - Hungary in early August and then Czech Republic in late August - early September. I feel like I deserve it, after graduating as a Telecommunication Engineer (yes, it finally happened!).

Right now I am on stand-by, trying to enjoy the summer at home, which is something that I haven't done for the last 3 years. But even here, interesting stuff happens: yesterday I got the chance to talk about travelling in the most listened Spanish radio station (Cadena SER). Who would have ever guessed that I would get to talk in the same radio station that I have listened (and whose journalists I have admired) since I was a kid...

By the way, even if I don't update this blog very often (:$) lately I am using quite a lot my twitter account, feel free to follow me.

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