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Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Back to the University

As it seems very difficult at the moment to find a motivating job (or even a job at all), I applied for a Master here at the University of Valladolid. The sign-up deadline is next Friday. The lessons already started and I am attending, so I'll actually go for it. The Master application was a last resource, in order not to waste more time. I was expecting a good job opportunity in the meanwhile, but it didn't come.

The Master degree is about Economy, 2 semesters. Companies are actually interested on engineers with knowledge about Economy, so I hope it will be a good investment. So far, it seems like I can handle it with a reasonable amount of work, and I can still look for a job in the meanwhile (since lessons are in the evenings).

Some other minor issues currently going on: I am working on some small design projects, including a website which I hope to finish soon (it will be a very simple, small thing). I also joined the ESN (Erasmus Student Network) so I can keep in touch with foreing students even if I am staying at my hometown. My sister is currently doing her Erasmus as well (in Coimbra, Portugal), and I am enjoying being a single child. Coexistence with my parents, however, is more difficult after 2 years living on my own. And after all, I am 24 already... time goes by so fast! :S

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