Tuesday, June 22, 2010

New blog: ig.nac.io/blog

Since a few weeks ago, I'm writing again my personal blog in Spanish. As I am trying to post there frequently (at least 2 or 3 times per week) and I also have a job and a life (:P) I'll post here very seldom from now on (well, that's what has already been happening for the past months anyway :)).

If you speak Spanish, don't hesitate and pay a visit to ig.nac.io/blog. By the way, the .io domain is the national TLD of the British Indian Ocean Territory. The fee is very expensive, but... doesn't 'ig.nac.io' look really cool?

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Blogger Guille wrote...

wouldnt it be totally awesome if you could link and post straight away here what u post on the other blog? or just attempt a takeover from ig.nac.io/blog to the ig.nac.io/ root where the blog section is?

Blogger Ignacio wrote...

The thing is that I don't want to mix Spanish with English, and I don't want people getting everything twice if they happen to be subscribed to both RSS, otherwise there is no big deal on publishing it in both places.

About the directory thingie, I plan to have a really simple root page with links to ig.nac.io/web, ig.nac.io/blog, ig.nac.io/whatever. But I don't have much time for that. (In fact I do, but I'm lazy :))

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